Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday I took a one-day trip to Washington DC to attend a conference for work. It was held at a crazy giant hotel that had an outdoor shopping plaza--with trees and flowers and picnic tables and the works--inside the hotel! I felt kind of like ma kettle, standing there gaping with my cell phone camera held high. Unfortunately the pictures didn't come out, but you can see other people's pictures of the hotel here.

This trip was a landmark for a couple of reasons. First, it was the farthest I've traveled by myself, and only the second time I've been to DC. Second, it's only the second time I've flown. I was pretty proud of myself that I managed it all, and also acted like an adult the entire time (ie no screaming, crying, or urinating in my pants).

The best part was the flight, though. I was completely enchanted by the view, and I hope that I always am. On the way, I saw the sun rise from 32,000 feet, and on the way home I saw all of the East Coast cities lit up like jewelry. There was a guy sitting next to me on the flight home, and I kept wanting to nudge him and point out the window, but he was too busy working on a powerpoint about fatty bone marrow. Fatty bone marrow may be important, but it's not pretty.

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Dawn on MDI said...

I have flown from Portland to DC and back, and it is wonderful from the air. I got to sit on the right side of the plane going down and on the left coming back, so I could follow the geography the whole way. Cape Cod was much smaller than it seems when you're driving it, and Manhattan seemed much larger than I had expected, having walked half its length in a short day in the city once (Battery Park to St. Pat's via Broadway, I think). The Chesapeake Bay sort of got lost to me as we crossed it up near Baltimore, but that city was amazing, too. It is a beautiful thing. How lucky you were to get to see it!


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