Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sometimes You Surprise Yourself

I think I'm going to go to the Democratic Caucus today. I have been thinking about it for a while, all the time pretending that I'm not actually thinking about it by listing all of the reasons I can't go: I'm currently registered Green, I have no childcare, the frigging thing is scheduled to take four hours, there will be a snowstorm, the parking will suck, I don't like crowds.

All of those issues have since been resolved. Well, it will still be crowded and it will still take four hours, but the rest changed without any effort on my part. It turns out that Greens can change their registration at the caucus (which gives me a pinch of conscience, but looking at the Green candidates made me cringe), S is going to her best friend's house and I can walk downtown to it.

The crowd anxiety is somewhat alleviated by the fact that I will take my new digital recorder and might be able to use some of my experience in a piece for the radio or the paper. (Note to self: ask at the door about the rules for recording.) And I'll bring my knitting.

So, there. The radical becomes a democrat for the day. And why? Because I am in love with Obama. I secretly hate him too because he makes me have hope, and I know that I will be let down. But for now I do have it, and my internal optimist is making a showing, and I'm going to my first ever caucus.

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toklas23 said...

Hey girl...I heard it was hellish yesterday...but I love that you have some hope. It's not a bad thing.

Just a new thing.


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