Monday, December 10, 2007

All Joking Aside

You'd never guess it from reading this blog, but it's been a pretty serious Fall over at the Jen household. The implosion of my live-in relationship, health issues and surgery, some challenges at work and financial squeezing, and then the fucking darkness and ugliness of this time of year have all conspired to make me feel, well, more than a little blue.

I don't talk about it too much, because it's not often appropriate to work "so, hey, I'm experiencing depression" into a casual conversation. I'm trying to lean into the feeling, as a friend recently suggested, acknowledge the reality of what's happening and honor it. But it's a scary thing to lean into, friends, and I'm resisting that advice. Almost as scary as writing about it here and knowing that you will be reading it.

It also has to do with my connotations of this time of year. It's just death. Everyone I know who has died has done it in the late fall/early winter season, and with the dying garden, the browning world, the coldness--it all speaks to me of the temporary nature of our time here, of the sadness of things passing on. Today, for example, is the second anniversary of my friend Meg's death. S and I marked the day appropriately, I think: I lit some candles and then we danced and made brownies, because Meg loved fun intensely.

There are some good things happening this winter (my birthday, holiday gatherings, graduation) and I'm looking forward to welcoming back the sun on the solstice, but for now I'm just feeling... mortal.

And leaning... leaning...


Littlest said...

I'm sorry the fall/early winter type weather season has been so hard for you. But I understand it. On days when it takes every ounce of my strength just to get out of bed and try to be productive I have similar thoughts.

Accepting the fact that something is going on that you have little to no immediate control over is....well, for me, another step in the cycle of depression.

I'm also looking forward towards holiday gatherings, etc. And I will see you there:)

Bridgey-poo said...

I think that "loved fun intensely" is one of the best ways to describe a person ever. I'm sorry you're friend is gone, but at least when she lived, she loved fun intensely.

See you in 25 days! Yikes!


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