Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Yeah, THAT Guy

You know those unbelievable work situations that turn into funny/creepy stories that you shock your friends with but still can't believe they happened? Those ones?

Crazy the things we'll do for minimum wage, huh? Specially when we're hungry or need places to live.

There's a contest that collects them and gives the winner a free vacation--and a friend of mine is a semifinalist. Check out her story and vote for her if you think she deserves it (she does, I promise). You can vote for her every day between now and Tuesday. Then check out the other stories too. Interesting how many of them involve discrimination against women for taking care of their families, or themselves, or wanting to be safe. Damn women, always wanting something.

You got a bad boss story? Too late for the contest, but I'd love to hear it.

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