Monday, July 02, 2007

Earth Without People

I love people, but you have to admit that we haven't been entirely kind to the Earth. Today I came across this article (via kottke) in New Scientist that describes what the Earth will be like after we leave.

This stuff kind of gives me nightmares, but I really like to read it. Nothing like fueling the TEOTWAWKI (tay-oh-tuh-wah-kee) fantasies.

For another version of TEOTWAWKI, read Octavia Butler's Parable series. Nightmares. And much thought-provoking discussion. Seriously. A little too close to home, that one.


bec said...

weirdly enough, that article made me happy and hopeful; the part that freaked me out was that no, people won't be evaporating any time soon.

Jen said...

And the fact that, if it does happen, there probably will be all of those corpses it goes out of the way to avoid dealing with. The only way I can see immediate depopulation is through disaster. Which is not on my top ten list of things to experience.


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